Dr. Brown is a great all-around health care physician.  She has helped me manage a long term scapular pain issue that has been an on-going issue for years.  Allopathic medicine and PT were basically useless. Chiropractic helped, but acupuncture with Dr. Brown has allowed me to know what it is to feel pain free again. She is the acupuncturist I needed!

—Cristin B.

I absolutely love Dr. Brown! She is the best acupuncturist I have ever had. I have been getting acupuncture from her for over a year and she has helped me so much!  Not only is she just super sweet and really takes her time to listen to exactly what it is you need, she’s also just really good at what she does! You can tell that she is very passionate about helping people.  I’m so grateful that I found her. If you are looking for the best “holistic healer” (like Michelle K referred to her as below) then definitely go see Dr. Brown because she is the best!

—Tiffany Q.

Dr. Brown has been an incredible help to me as I have worked through the transition into perimenopause. She listened to my symptoms, sent me for comprehensive testing and helped me to understand the results. Dr. Brown explained ALL of the treatment options, including the pros and cons of each.

I can’t believe what a horrible state I would be in without her help! I have gone from being essentially non-functional to functional, and I am extremely grateful!

—K J.