Life is not merely being alive, but being well!

When’s the last time you felt good leaving the doctor’s office?


“I started going to Dr. Kimberly Brown March of 2013 for the treatment of perimenopausal symptoms. Dr. Brown has me on bio identical hormones which i highly recommend it has made me feel like a normal human being again. What I love about her is that she took the time to listen to my issues and didn’t make me feel like a number or uncomfortable. She has me on a regimen now. I would strongly recommend any woman going though menopausal  symptoms to make an appointment right away.
Thank you Dr. Brown”


I met Dr. Kimberly Brown in December when I was in need of an acupuncturist while vising San Jose from New York, and have seen her twice since then during a separate visit. I agree with the other reviewers that Dr. Brown is a wonderful listener. She is gentle, which I especially appreciate as this is not always my experience with acupuncturists. A true professional, Dr. Brown is extremely knowledgeable and offers great advice. She is willing to explain why she treats which points (I am curious about those things and like to know). My situation was sensitive and she responded with empathy and kindness – and didn’t make me feel bad at all for getting emotional at times. I feel completely comfortable with her, and I know that I am in good hands. I plan to see Dr. Brown whenever I visit San Jose, which is several times a year.

—Melissa R.

I recently went to Dr. Brown for acupuncture.  Her needling technique is very gentle, precise, and effective.  She listens very well, and responds with empathy.  She takes thorough notes to track the progress and changes in your symptoms. She has extensive professional knowledge, but is also open to your point of view. I feel very safe with her, and I’m glad that I found her.

—Kimberly S.